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Slow down...take your time...

As I continue my journey of healing and rediscovering myself, these days I seem to be constantly reminded to "slow down!" Almost like there are Guides and Angels literally putting things in my path that force me to just "be." Whether it is a health stumble or an event that forces me to clear my day to just slow down and be present. I have come to know with all of the ups and downs of life that there are times we need to just "sit with it." Just BE with whatever it is we are strugglng with. Because it is often within the storm clouds that we learn the most about ourselves. In this world of constantly running from one event or responsibility to another day after day, eventually God/Spirit gives you a reason to slow down, if you are conscious enough to see it. If you aren't, the signs become bigger. Fascinating how it works like that. So for today, lets be reminded to take our time and be compassionate.... to ourselves. Oh... the things we could learn...

Susan Hoyle INHC Hoyle Chiropractic Holistic Life Coach 573-819-7513

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