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Are "expectations" blocking your joy?

Sunday morning reflection: I have been truly focusing on this word “expectations” this past week or so....and it seems to have guided me back to that ever amazing place of joy I feel when I am living in the “present moment.” For me this means “no expectations.” Just breathing it all in and let the day take you where it wants to take you. It’s all good! Enjoying the majesty of the world around me, especially being present to nature and all its glory and the people I am blessed to spend time with. And for a recovering type A personality....this is huge for me!!! And by getting rid of some electronics I’ve been attached to the past few years has also helped. That’s another post! 😳. So for today may you all “be present” and have “no expectations” for your day ahead and feel how blessed and grateful you are to have the life you have and the people who are in it. Replace expectations with appreciation and see how your day unfolds! ❤️

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