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Letting Go!

True "freedom" comes whenwe can truly own our shadow self, do the work, and release all that no longer serves us! As a result of this work we can release being attached to outcome. This is truly living in the "present moment." This is the place where we can plan enjoy our life but not be concerned about what is coming next. Because you have "let go" of your attachment to material things, relationships, experiences, you no longer feel the stress and anxiety that surrounds these things. The disappointment you used to feel surrounding the ending of a relationship, or not getting the job, or the house or the car.

This does not mean we don't still work towards goals, work on our relationships, and want to purchase nice things, we do. It just means we are no longer attached to any outcome of what we desire. It means we put our focus into the present moment. Each and every moment we focus on what is before us. Being present to that. Being attentive to what "is," and not stressing about what should be or could be...or stressing about our regrets, betrayals, resentments. This is where depression and anxiety thrive! Anxiety and depression also are the result of lower vibrational living. Something I discuss in my classes (see event section for details-either on website showmewellness4u or facebook page Show Me Wellness)...

Next class August 14th 2018!

Letting go is our doorway to peace.

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