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Choose Courage Not Fear

Ahhh...fear and change... why is it that these two so often go hand-in-hand? . It seems we have so much fear around the changes we are now perceiving in our world and those changes we would like to make, or we perceive we should make.. But what is the fear? Where does it come from? These are questions we have to ask ourselves in order to move through the fear. Fear keeps us stuck. In the comfort zone. Why? Because, well, fear is scary! Right? Fear doesn’t feel good. If I have to measure the feeling, I’d say fear is heavy, dark, uncomfortable. Fear blocks our joy. It blocks us from moving forward to that place of achieving things we never thought possible. Asking for things we perceived to be “not deserving of” or not being worthy of receiving. Sound familiar?

So as you stand before the doorway of fear, waiting to open it, what do you feel? When we struggle to open the door is when we need activate the “power of the pause!” That moment when we have the awareness that we are “stuck” in fear, but are immobilized. If we can sit with the uncomfortableness of what we are feeling...yes! Sit with it!! Then and only then, one day, can we move through it.

These are not things we “think” and analyze in our head, but things we feel in our heart and soul. It is something we need to spend time with. Reflect on. Only then will we have the courage to bring awareness to the fear. Bring it into the light! Only then can we open the door. .

And on the other side? This is where we step into our own power. Our own “knowing” of who we are, and who we are becoming. Outside of the “matrix,” the busyness of the world where everyone is projecting who we should be..the more we face the fear and open the door the more we are opening up and taking back our power to be our “Truest Selves!” . “Become the witness in your own life!” (~Wayne Dyer) Choose to be Courageous over Fear today! Look FEAR in the eye and say - Not Today!


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