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Women of worth

Join Susan Hoyle INHC as she rolls out her Women of Worth women’s group!


This group is for the women who are ready for a change! Are you searching for something more? Something feels missing in your life? Maybe you’ve started your “journey” but feel lost and alone. Or looking for a better way to be in your life? With more peace, more love. Sometimes life just takes over and we no longer see ourselves in it. If any of this is you, then this is the group for you!

With the mission of, assisting women in coming together in a sacred space while holding space for each other to unwind the stories that have created our perceptions and begin to step into our true selves with wisdom empathy and grace.

I work with so many women as they start this journey. And nearly everyone says they feel alone on this path. I want people to see the value of getting together, coming together, assisting each other, supporting each other as we move through this journey, together.

Together We Rise!

This group is ongoing and will meet once a month. Get on the wait list for my next group starting February 21st!  Cost is just $25 per month. Group is limited to 10 to keep it small.  Please e-mail for more information.

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