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About Susan

Hi! I’m Susan



Wife of 27 years, Mother to 2 amazing children, Business owner, health and lifestyle guru (it’s my passion) marketing extraordinaire, and deep diver into everything spiritual!  I have always been a big picture focused individual since childhood and I learned I was also a highly sensitive intuitive person and a very deep thinker!  I grew up believing these were not good qualities.  So after finding and understanding myself, with the help of a couple amazing mentors,  I was able to step into these gifts and embrace them.   If I was “too intense or too much” for some people, I learned they just aren’t my people!  The more I was able to “let go” the more my tribe would show up.  After all, this is how it works.  If we can let go of the old and dying relationships it makes room for new!   We all have these super powers and abilities!  What are yours?  




As a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) I always saw the world differently.  Always glass half full.  Always looking at the big picture.  Outside the box.  Questioning everything! I was about 8 when I discovered I could "read a room" and know what people were feeling.  But thought nothing of it as I just assumed everyone had this gift.  This gift eventually allowed me to become a magnet for those in emotional need, which progressed into a complete (and not healthy) RESCUER of everyone.  


Yep!  That's me.  From childhood on...I knew I could feel the emotions of others, and with no guidance in any of this, I started to take on these emotions as my own.  Desperately trying to rescue people from themselves.  Yes, I know, pretty dysfunctional! 


 Like many of us, life just takes over and the next thing I knew I was 45, married with 2 kids, running my husband and my busy chiropractic office.  It was about this time this calling from childhood got louder, that voice inside, or that feeling inside...."is this it?"  That was my question. 







After connecting the dots to my "rescuer archetype" from childhood I realized not only had I carried this into my adult life but it had taken over.  I no longer recognized myself as anything other than this Rescuer.  My self worth was tied to this idea.  WOW!  Looking back I cannot believe it took me so long to see this.  But here I am.  I spent many years educating myself on this concept of self worth, self love.  So much that I co-authored a book with many other amazing women of worth! Met so many people who were amazing teachers for me in learning how to love myself.  So many of us are taught that loving ourselves is "selfish."  Which is why so many women struggle with self worth issues!  Once I made this shift, EVERYTHING began to change.  




Knowledge is Power


Following this breakthrough, I dove head first into education, yes, my analytical left brain took over!  Beginning with a year long course through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition where you literally get exposed to everything holistic health oriented by some of the most well known health experts around! After graduating with my Integrative Nutrition Health Coach certification I remember saying to myself, “I don’t really want my work to be just sitting down and telling people what to eat.”  And so my journey continued. 

I spent the next year taking four different courses to receive my Reiki Master certification. Reiki was an amazing experience learning to move energy in the body and really learned how energy sensitive and intuitive I am and what that actually means!  I was beginning to put my childhood pieces together at this point! 💥But was still unsure of what my “work” would be. My contribution to this world. So on I went. 

Spent another year learning, Modern Shamanism, which was a lot about understanding this life force energy, and how it resides in the body. Dark and light. How we all have a shadow side that needs to be brought to light so it doesn’t control you!  I was also drawn to the Native American culture, something I grew up exposed to and loved.  Their undeniable love of Mother Earth and how to use the plants as medicine was something that interested me.  This year brought up a lot of healing within me! And I wanted more...

This took me to St. Louis for a Raindrop Therapy Intensive training through Young Livings C.A.R.E. program where I learned everything essential oils-Chemistry of Oils, Oils of the Bible, Emotional Release with Oils and how frequency of oils assists our body in releasing stuck emotions. Whew! It was amazing! At this point I had incorporated oils and emotional release with my Reiki practice and things were going really well. 

I was also working a lot with patients in our office with Nutrition Response Testing that Dr.Hoyle and I do. Intuitively guiding patients into a healthier lifestyle and wanted to take this to the next level.

Completed the Food Matters Nutrition Certification Program in 2020. This pulled everything together from my days at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and my countless seminars in whole food healing. 

My Shift Into Lifestyle Changes


Through this process of my own healing over the past 15 years, I had gained weight and I was not feeling good about it. I had been overweight and of healthy weight on and off my whole life.  Struggling with feeling good about myself - always! So I embarked on a whole food (mostly) plant based lifestyle.  This was also a journey for me that took some time to fully grasp. , the more I accepted my self and my body lovingly right now, right here, the more I was able to embrace what I was putting into my body. 


As I embarked on this "mostly" plant-based journey I realized a renewed compassion for myself.  Not just the food I was eating but the way I spoke to myself.  This self love began to create the changes I had worked on and off for my whole life.  With the proper food my body slowly began to regain a balance within that was more than physical.  I was able to give up things I had been eating and drinking that I knew on some level were not good for my physical body and overall health. 


Realizing this self love had to start right here, right now changed my life!  Realizing I could love myself right now while I continued to work on the things I wanted to change, empowered me to get where I am to day.  My passion and greatest hope is for all women to realize their amazing WORTH, and to learn to take care of yourself from this amazing place of self love.  I know, for me, I feel better with this lifestyle. (I also KNOW every “body” is different. So this may not work for you-this is part of what I teach people - to "know"-what works for YOU!)  



This lifestyle assisted me in resetting my taste buds. AND I got myself back in my kitchen! In a big way! (Join - Show Me Wellness-The Conscious Kitchen- free FB group if this interests you).  I am now completing an online cooking course with a certification in plant based cooking!

So….reflecting on all of this personal journey the past 20 years while also running Hoyle Chiropractic, attending many nutrition seminars, learning how whole food (real food) can heal the body, as well as blood work analysis to guide me, I now have a bigger picture of what my “work” going forward will be.  And I can't wait to share!

A comprehensive resource for individuals seeking positive transformation in their lives.  As a Health Coach I provide expert guidance, through bloodwork and health history, on weight loss, encouraging sustainable lifestyle changes.  By focusing on the crucial aspect of self-love, I nurture not only physical health but also mental and emotional  well-being.  Clients can expect a wealth of information, personalized coaching and inspiration to embark on a journey towards a healthier, happier life.


Isn't it time? 


If not now, when?


Aren't YOU worth it?

Let's get started!

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It was about this time I first

heard (and I mean REALLY

HEARD) the words "self love."

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