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The Magic of Gratitude

Ahhhh.....#gratitude....🙏🏼 💫 💫 💫 A word often spoken about, but so often not truly focused on. I believe we all understand the profound impact this one simple word could have on our lives. But yet for some reason it’s hard for us to sit down and make a list of what we are grateful for. 🤷🏻‍♀️. As I begin 2019, in my life, one of my intentions this year is to focus on the “present moment”, and the gifts that Universe is bringing to me in each moment. Being “present” enough to “see” the gifts that are being presented when they are in front of me. 🎁 💝 💫 💫 💫 Sometimes in the busy hustle and bustle of our lives we miss the magic. 💫✨ for as we have all come to know, magic happens in the present moment. That’s where Joy lives. I know this truth personally! ❤️🎁 💫 💫 So for me my present moment gift, just two weeks into 2019, has been the word “gratitude!” It’s showing up for me every day. And I’m not talking about my list of things I’m grateful for, although I have done this every day this year. I’m talking about the people that have shown up in my life to teach me about gratitude. Whether a FB group or being gifted a book on gratitude, or a morning meditation I randomly select which turned out to be have a whole 5 minutes on - ye - you guessed it - “gratitude!” I can’t make this stuff up peeps! The more I practice it the more I return to the present moment. 💫The more things show up for me to be in awe of.... 💫 So really it’s a joy filled circle ⭕️ you see. 👀. If we practice a simple list of five things you are grateful for each and every day. You can’t help but return to the present moment, and the more you live in the present moment, the more you are living on purpose, seeing all you have to be grateful for- the more things you are grateful for the little things, the more things come to you to “be” grateful for. It can be no other way! This IS the law of attraction! 💫 💫 So...why not give it a try! Each and every day, take out a piece of paper, and write down five things you’re grateful for. It just may change your life! ✨🙌🏼💫🙏🏼❤️

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