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Taking personal responsibility for your life. - why is this such a terrifying concept for so many? It shouldn't be! For the simple shift of being aware of your life and accepting responsibility for every choice YOU have made to get to where you are today, (good and bad)....moves you into "cause" and away from "affect." Meaning, you beginning to shift your awareness to "The Universe is happening "for me" not "to me." Ahhhh....this moment is where we can really begin to step into our own power!

So how do we do this? If we understand energy and vibration of energy, and that everything is made up of energy (think Einstein Theory of Relativity here) then we can grasp that even our thought pattens have this same energy. And like attracts like, right? So if we find ourselves stuck in a pattern of negative experiences, for example, then we need shift out of this vibrational frequency. Many people get stuck here and become comfortable in this "pain pattern." These are the people who discard one relationship because of a magnitude of behaviors displayed from their partner only to find someone else with the same behaviors. This is someone who is stuck in a pain pattern.

This is the time to TAKE YOUR POWER BACK! When we shift into "my experience are happening FOR ME" then we can examine every experience, every person, every decision with an open mind, without blaming anyone else, and LEARN FROM THEM. Yes! Each and every person who has ever been in your life has taught you something. If we can examine these lessons and the take aways, then we can move into gratitude for having had the experience and shift out of that vibration.

Stop focusing on why things can never be different for "you," why you can't change. I am not judging here, just saying...there is another way! And that other way is to TAKE COMPLETE RESPONSIBILITY FOR EVERY SINGLE THING IN OUR LIVES! For every choice we have made, every person we have attracted into our lives, and come to the understanding that "we" have brought them into our lives for a reason. Yes, even the nastiest of relationships, have taught us something! And if we can see all of these things are here for US, then we can see the value in everything we create. And what if, even the worst of relationships and circumstances are here for one allow us to TAKE OUR POWER BACK! And the more we walk away from ourselves and these circumstances, the more we stay in the same low energy frequency that brought us these experiences to begin with. Our soul knows what it needs to grow and learn, so it brings us experiences to assist us in our soul growth. If we keep walking away, we never learn the lessons. And as long as we never learn the lessons, we keep getting the same experiences.

Isn't it time? To recognize that YOU and only YOU have the ability to take your power back! Then and only then do you have the capacity to truly HEAL! Otherwise you are turning your power over to the other person, waiting for them to change, to fix themselves so you can heal. Isn't it time? Flip the script! Lets change this!


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