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2021 Promises Kept

So long 2020! And welcome 2021! OR as some would say "good riddance 2020." But as we look back on 2020, let's really take a hard look at the year. Yes, we had the lockdowns, the bug, mandates like never before, mask wearing, businesses closing, we learned the terms essential and non-essential, employees out of work, the loneliness, the isolation of so many. All true. But let's take a look at the gifts this past year may have also brought. The new habits we have formed because of 2020, the old values that were uncovered in the process. Maybe we all did need to slow down for a while to see what was before us. What was truly important.

As we sit down to write our New Year's Resolutions this year, maybe we shift some of these new found values into 2021. This is the process I have been sitting with this the past couple days. What I want to change this year, what I want to let go of and the promises kept from 2020 that I will move into 2021. Promises Kept. Yes. This is an interesting and profound couple of words for me. As I reflect on the past year. What I set out to do, my goals for 2020 and how I set out to achieve them, what worked, what did not. I found a common thread.

What I have been reflecting on was how each goal, or resolution, we write down, can't be just something we write on December 31st each year. It has to be something we do for ourselves. Prioritizing ourselves. Putting ourselves on our own calendar and making a promise to ourselves that goal, appointment, workout, cooking that healthy meal, will be KEPT. The more we can keep these promises to ourselves the more we begin to step into our own self love.

As women especially, so many of us, struggle with self care. One of the most important concepts when I am working with coaching clients is to have clients schedule time on their calendar for themselves. It could be 30 minutes of reading a book, taking a hot bath, meditating, going for a walk. Whatever it is you feel called to do. Then put it on your calendar and keep the promise you made to yourself. As we go through 2021, the more of these promises to self we can keep, the more our self love grows and the more we feel our worth.

So as you reflect on 2020, what brought you joy amidst the stress and chaos? What habits did you create while sheltering in place that you would like to continue in 2021? Maybe it was family time. I know for me this was a big one. Or maybe it was enjoying the slower pace? Not having to run from one activity to the next for a few months. How can you bring that energy into 2021? Slowing down. Being mindful of what you are putting on your calendar, is it necessary? But most importantly, are you keeping the promises you have made to yourself this year?

I am sending all of you so much love and peace for this new amazing year ahead of us. And may we all look back on 2020 as an amazing year where we were forced to learn so much about ourselves. May we never be the same again, and move forward into 2021 with love and joy!

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