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Full Moon 2021

Full moon tomorrow! As we begin our series on the moon cycles, I chose to start today, as tomorrow is our first full moon of 2021.

For a long time, it has been thought that a full moon makes people crazy. And while it may not turn you into a werewolf or land you in the psych ward, there must be some truth behind the idea that we are emotionally connected to the moon, right? The native American's referred to a woman's monthly cycle as "moon time" as they understood the ebb and flow of the energy of the moon and how it impacted women's monthly cycle.

Here are a few of the most common affects of a full moon, as always this is different for everyone!

MAGNIFYING EMOTIONS - Everyone has both light and dark inside them. Positive or negative, the full moon takes your strongest qualities and enhances them.

IT INTENSIFIES FEELINGS- We can all agree 2020 was a year for the record books. When we talk about emotions and feelings, I think right now in our lives, as a collective, everyones emotions and stress level is running a little above normal.

IT ENERGIZES - It magnifies the energy in your body, dark or light. This can be a positive thing if we can shift our intentions as we move into the full moon experience.

IT ILLUMINATES - Yes, the full moon obviously provides more actual light than other phases of the moon, but it also has an illuminating property in terms of awareness and realization. Shifting our awareness. The full moon is a time to manifest the realizations or "epiphanies" we have been searching for. In other words, if you have been struggling with a problem, the full moon time can be a time of breaking through these moments, through awareness, and those "lightbulb" moments.

IT DESTABILIZES - yes, the full moon is also a time of great uncertainty. This energy can destabilize our routines, our comfort zone. So if you are one of those individuals who likes things a certain way and has a hard time with change, or shifting into the unknown. Then the full moon time can be a struggle for you. But wait, there are things you can do to minimize this.

Of course we cannot stop a full moon but there are some things to consider when shifting into this energy.

1. Understanding your dark side and light side. Parts of this can be found in your astrology sign. You can find basic information on this here.

2. I find that keeping yourself grounded is key during any time of uncertainty. Grounding can be done simply by walking barefoot in the grass, as it grounds us to the earth and connects us to the energy of the earth, grounding us in our energetic bodies. Obviously winter time is not the time for that. Essential oils are used as grounding tools also. Cedarwood is a great oil for this. I usually have some of this in the office if you want to try it. Here is a link for more info on oils. There are a multitude of options for grounding, as always ask me if you need further assistance.

3. Setting intention! My favorite. I love to prepare for the full moon and set my intentions that this energy of this next moon is going to shift my awareness out of a space I have stuck in for a time, and into my next phase of exploration. But setting your intention, whatever that means to you, is very important. Setting our intention puts the energy of our intention into the Universe. You know, "ask and you shall receive." I find with everything, we have to focus on our intention, put it out there and be ready. It really does work!

But the main take away on this amazing moon cycle is to understand ourselves better. Understand our dark sides of our personalities, we all have them, as well as the light. As both of these are amplified during the full moon. So if you find yourself in an argument with a loved one, or a co-worker, maybe take a step back and think about the energy you are in right now. Breathe through it, and with your own awareness you can move through it in a more positive way. The same goes if you are on the receiving end of someone elses full moon energy. Be patient. We have all struggled at times, and most people just need some compassion and space to move themselves through it.

Happy Full Moon!


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