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Shifting Out of the Matrix!

As a student of "A Course in Miracles" and believing Wayne Dyer has been my "Spiritual Father" since the 90's, this quote really speaks to me. I have come to know, the more we can shift out of fear and into love (and faith!) the less fear affects our life.

Ever seen the "Matrix" movies? This is what I visualize. That we can move out of this fear based life we are living in (the Matrix), and truly begin to see the world through a place of love (where we become the "witness" in our own life-Wayne Dyer).

Move from competing and comparing ourselves to everyone and everything, and truly love ourselves for the imperfect humans that we all are. Perfect creations of God, all of us. But at the same time, human. And in our human experiences we find our lessons and opportunities for growth. Many of these lessons come from our mistakes, our missteps in life. All brought to us for us to learn and grow from. Not to resent, and hold on to. But to learn from, be grateful for the opportunity for growth, and let them go! All the anger, resentment, rage - let it all go!

But fear? Fear is a figment of our imagination. False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear is experienced in the mind but triggers strong physical reactions in the body. Increasing cortisol levels. But..It is not real. It is created in our minds by our perceptions of our reality. "Change your mind and you change your life!" ~Wayne Dyer And there is no shortage of things to be fearful of these days. If you are an empath you can "feel" this fear energy every where you go. Right?

So how do we handle the fear? Let it Go! Stop putting things into your mind that are projecting fear into you, or trying to anyway. Stop watching the news, TV and things that create fear in you. Create space each day for learning and growth. Prayer, meditation, quiet reflection time, journaling, writing. What is your passion? Art? Writing? Create in this space...

All of these things help us to move out of the energy of fear and into a higher vibration of courage and acceptance. Another way to assist in this is to visualize the fear and ask yourself, "what is the worst thing that is going to happen?" If what you are fearing, actually happens, then what? Just keep moving through this statement. Then what? Then what? At each stage of your fear. This assists us to moving into an awareness that no matter what the fear, we are going to be ok in the end. This exercise can actually shift your vibrational frequency from one of fear into one of courage. You will begin to feel lighter and freer in the end.

I will be sharing more about vibrational frequency as we move forward. It's time we move through this fear based living and shift into a more peaceful place, with a higher frequency? Less stress, more faith, more love, more peace! Then we will begin to attract things from this same frequency! Events and people to have more faith, love and peace about. Make sense? It really is our energy that attracts our events and people in our lives. Like attracts like. This a basic Universal Law.

The time has never been better to open up and step on this path. Raise your frequency! Share your light! Move out of the matrix and into peace. Are you ready? Isn't it time? Haven't you suffered enough?


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